ASX Announcements

    Dittmer Drilling Confirms Displaced High Grade Extension  
    Change in substantial holding  
    Release of Securities from Escrow  
    Grant of Exploration Licence over Mount Molloy Mine  
    Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report  
    Maniopota High Grade Rock Chip Results  
    Change in substantial holding  
    Brisbane Mining Conference Presentation  
    Ruddygore Drilling Commences  
    Drilling Confirms Large Gold System in Ravenswood Project  
    Half Yearly Accounts  
    Release of Securities from Escrow  
    Change of Director's Interest Notice  
    Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report  
    High Grade Au-Ag Rock Chips Confirm Day Dawn Potential  
    Initial Director's Interest Notice  
    Seventy Mile Mount Drilling & CEI Drill Hole Completed  
    Director Appointment Andrew Greville  
    Section 708A Notice - Share Issue  
    Application for quotation of securities - BMR  
    Results of AGM  
    AGM Presentation  
    Proposed issue of securities - BMR  
    Acquisition of 100% of Ravenswood Project  
    Presentation to the Noosa Mining Conference  
    Ruddygore IP Survey Confirms Large Copper Target  
    Ravenswood Drilling Commences  
    Release of Securities from ASX Escrow  
    Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report  
    QEC Investment Showcase Presentation  
    Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form  
    High grade drilling results and visible gold at Dittmer  
    ASX Appendix 4G  
    Corporate Governance Statement  
    2021 Annual Report (audited)  
    Initial results for Dittmer underground sampling & drilling  
    Ruddygore IP Survey Commences  
    Becoming a substantial holder  
    Investor Presentation  
    Becoming a substantial holder  
    Becoming a substantial holder  
    Initial Director's Interest Notice - Gilbert  
    Initial Director's Interest Notice - A-Izzeddin  
    Initial Director's Interest Notice - Jorss  
    Drilling Commences as Ballymore Resources Lists on ASX  
    Becoming a substantial holder  
    Pre-Quotation Disclosure  
    Top 20 Holders  
    Distribution Schedule  
    Trading Policy  
    Employee Equity Incentive Plan  
    Financial Report 31 December 2020  
    Financial Report 30 June 2020  
    Information Form and Checklist - Annexure 1  
    Appendix 1A and Information Form and Checklist  
    ASX Market Release - Admission and Quotation